Radar Portal Surveys have developed a range of innovative technologies for surface, sub-surface and environmental asset collection

The technology that RPS created for the road industry is about integrated systems. While our individual technology is often world first, it is this integrated system that sets us apart. The surface imaging, laser profiling, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), environmental cameras and inertial/GPS positioning technologies are all combined in a single software package to allow a complete visualization of the road environment while collecting at full traffic speed.

  • Simple Network Needs: Rutting, Roughness, Texture and Environmental Cameras.
  • Extended Network: Cracking Percentages, Crack Types, Patching, Edge Break and Cross fall.
  • Project Needs: Crack Mapping, 3D Geometry, Meshes, Accurate Positioning and GPR.

All collected with one system, without traffic control

The result is one system that can do many jobs. For a single low cost collection charge we can collect the usual Rutting, Roughness, Texture and Environmental Cameras measures. But unlike other service providers, because this is collected using a system that captures the complete road environment, you can choose to generate further measures such as full defect mapping or 3D mesh generation. This can be processed at any time, whether delivered at the same time as the original data, or months or even years after collection.

When provided with a geospatial map of the roads, our systems are also fully automated. RPS uses this information to automatically align the collected data to the road name, section and chainage, reducing the errors when linking the data to a road network. The result is cleaner data, free of interpretation and the associated errors.

Our extended measures can have a huge cost advantage over traditional survey techniques. For example the detailed Photometric surface imaging system has been demonstrated to be comparable (or better) to manual field surveys, and is far superior to environmental camera systems, windscreen surveys (even at low speeds) and many other crack mapping systems. The result is that surface cracking can be found and then fixed much earlier through a crack sealing program, before it has caused base or sub-base damage. Over a network this can easily result in millions of dollars in savings per year when you consider how this preventative maintenance extends the life of a road. If other technology is used, then often these cracks will remain undetected, until they have progressed to a more serious condition thus necessitating a resurfacing or rebuild program due to damaged road base conditions.

Surface Imaging Technology

RPS design and manufacture high-speed stereo surface imaging units, laser profiling units, high-resolution environmental cameras and precision Geolocation (GPS/IMU) positioning systems.

Sub-surface Imaging Technology

RPS design and manufacture a range of equipment for sub-surface imaging including our patented high speed Ground Penetrating Radar trailer.

Software Systems

RPS provide custom software solutions to process and analyse raw asset collection data.

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