RPS Collection

RPS collection enables interfacing and synchronization with a number of devices

The RPS collection software package enables interfacing and synchronization of a number of different RPS devices such as cameras, lasers and GPS. The software is designed around a multithreaded core, which focuses on managing the multiple streams of data, data compression and storage to disk.

RPS Collection

RPS strategy at this stage is data compression and storage, not the calculation of any road degradation measures, as these can be more easily calculated back in the office. This approach enables many devices to run on a single computer. The package does allow distributed collection and synchronization over multiple computers if further processing is required in the field.

To enable synchronization between devices, the synchronization and power module is used. The firmware system enables a signal to be generated for each device, based on either a distance (via the encoder trigger), or time. Most devices are distance triggered, with encoder/time pairs used to allow conversion between time and distance. With all devices careful design ensures missing frames are detected and filled to ensure no slip in any of the data streams.

The synchronization and power module houses power converters and power monitoring, allowing monitoring of the power consumption of each device, including input voltage, current, power, peak current etc.

Due to the simplicity of the collection package, new devices can be added to our system with minimal extra effort. Please indicate your needs and RPS will discuss options for integrating other devices.

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