Project level case study

Example project level assessments

This case study covers some of our project level assessments and provides some example outputs for surface and subsurface measures.

Top surface analysis

Output showing the raw surface image and the crack mapping. Cracks are coloured according to their severity.

Sample of the cracking stats for the same section pictured above. The extent of each cracking type is evaluated for every single 50m segment along the road. The thresholds are established according to customer's needs.

Data is also presented in charts allowing an easier decision making process.

Cracking KML output file showing the location of the reported cracks geospatially.

Subsurface Analysis (using Ground Penetrating Radar)

Image showing the progression of the subsurface analysis. Top overlay shows the raw GPR profile of the section. The data is divided in segments with similar construction type (green vertical lines). The second overlay shows the subsurface layers after being drawn. Third overlay shows the material identification step. In this case boundary one has been labeled as asphalt and boundaries 2 and 3 as granular. Last overlay shows the as constructed data sent by the customer loaded in our software package so the data can be correlated and the interpretation enhanced. Layer thicknesses are adjusted using as constructed data or preferably cores in the same area.

Information about the identified sections is then reported in a summary. This information includes: Section start and end chainages, layer average thicknesses and material types, average pavement thickness and general comments. This data can be also reported in Excel or as a flat file.

Height Analysis

Excel output sample showing the numerical results tabulated and the charts of each data stream

Roughness kml

Rutting kml

Texture kml

Output showing all data streams results integrated on one single page:

  • Environmental camera images
  • Crack mapping
  • Raw surface imaging
  • Subsurface interpretation
  • Subsurface interpretation + as constructed data overlayed
  • Roughness and rutting graph
  • Texture depth graph

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