Our proprietary hardware and software systems collect surface and sub-surface road pavement condition data at high-speed

RPS design, engineer and build custom hardware and software systems that allow high speed data collection above and below the surface.

With proprietary world first technology and extensive expertise we can create a customised scalable solution to suit your needs.

Roadscout Platform

PaveScout Platform

The RPS PaveScout is a hardware and software platform that can integrate multiple imaging and GPR elements into a single vehicle.

Laser scanning, environmental cameras, Photometric imaging systems, positioning systems and GPR imaging trailers can be mounted to its generic rear frame and roof rack assembly.

The rear seats of the dual cab pickup house control electronics and computers featuring our flexible data collection software package.

This fully integrated system allows complete visualization of the road environment while collecting data at full traffic speed.

High speed 3D Ground Penetrating Radar

High speed 3D Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is used to determine the presence of subsurface objects or features.

Our patented 3D NM-GPR comprises of a trailer and antenna system with 4 electronically deployable pods.

Utilising 3 GPR modules, the 46 antenna array can scan upto 1.2 meters deep and 2.5 metres across at 100km/h.

Designed with rough roads in mind, each pod has air ride suspension allowing the unit to negotiate large objects while hugging the road surface.

Portal 4D Analysis and Reporting Package

Portal 4D Analysis and Reporting Package

Our road environment display and analysis package allows you to observe the road condition data including the surface condition, subsurface and surrounds.

View collected data, graph road conditions and generate reports in both chainage/sectional forms and in a full GIS mode.

Designed to compliment existing asset management systems such as HDM, RAMS, or SMEC. Database support allows viewing of rutting, roughness, texture measures or cracking statistics over a network.

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