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By Nige Austin - Posted

Radar Portal Surveys pitches its High-Speed 3D Ground Penetrating Radar in this video in order to secure funding to finalise commercialisation and distribute the product to the world market.

The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is the largest annual and international green business plan competition. The winner gets 500,000 EUR to help bring her or his plan to market.

This fantastic initiative was instigated by Bill Clinton a decade ago, and has facilitated a range of innovative products like ours to break into the international market in order to commercialise solutions which benefit the planet through Green and C2C principles.

Radar Portal Surveys have invented a High-Speed 3D Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) which is a unique non-destructive testing methodology which facilitates improved road performance.

With 65,000,000 km's of roads worldwide, and being the largest expense for many council's, we estimate a 19% road budget saving pa through sustainable road maintenance and rehabilitation programs.

For the last 10 years we have developed a new category of radar which far outperforms the existing 30 year old technology. Working with us we have a network of industry leaders from Main Road Authorities to NASA signal scientists.

We have completed 220 Projects and collected 25,000 km's of data. We have set up a supply chain of manufacturers and distributors.  The laser cuttings have just arrived for the latest iteration which will fit into 2 hard cases for easy transportability. The GPR will be able to be assembled in 10 minutes ready to start sub-surface data collection of roads, bridges, airports and ports at 100 km/h.

We own 100% of the company and have survived through service provision to the local market with our technology. Our 5th generation technology starts testing next week and a unit is being delivered to Japan for research next month.

We need to secure this Green Challenge Award so we can finalise the commercialisation of our product in order to move into a scalable C2C lean manufacturing model which will supply the equipment to the global market.

Planned future versions will ship only our GPR modules and control units and we will provide CAD files which partners can then 3D print using waste products like aluminium cans and plastic reduce the carbon footprint.

We are Radar Portal Surveys, and with the assistance from Post Code Green Challenge we will survey they world's roads.

We'd love to hear your feedback!

Thank you.

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