Network Rutting Measures

The RPS PaveScout can measure Rutting across an entire road network

To determine rutting the transverse laser profile is used, initially filtering the results to determine the road surface shape independent of surface texture.  Specialized algorithms are then used to determine the road rut depth as per the Austroads standards.

Rutting can be calculated via a number of different algorithms, including straight edge, sliding straight edge and taut wire.  The length and position of the straight edge is also adjustable if required for specific purposes.

Rutting can be export as tables, directly into a number of PMS systems or export geospatially.

Rutting measure

Through the use of the RoadLock technology, repeat pass results have phenomenal accuracy with a co-efficient of determination of 0.997 (100m data), well above the Austroads pass mark of 0.9 (a perfect measurement is 1.0).

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