Changes of Construction and Layer Detection

RPS use high speed GPR to detect changes of construction beneath the surface

One of the best uses for high speed GPR is the detection of the changes of construction and the depth of each of the asphalt or granular layers in the road pavement. The radar transmits a wideband RF signal which then reflects of each of the layers within the pavement. This results in the typical radar plots as shown below.

Our GPR experts can analyze these layers and determined where the bottom of the asphalt pavement is, and the depth of any base/sub-base layers. At this stage the data can also be correlated with cores, or dielectric compensation techniques used to more accurately determine the depth of the layers. Finally the zones between these layers can be named, by providing a material type, allowing export of plots showing the road construction details - free of GPR data. Construction summaries are also provided showing the average depth of the layers between the changes of construction.

Changes of construction and layer detection

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