Case studies

A selection of case studies from RPS partnerships

Since its inception in 2006 Radar Portal Surveys have partnered with a diverse range of clients including state and local councils, road authorities, airports and other private sector companies.

Below you will find a selection of case studies from these partnerships.

Network level survey for Logan City Council

Logan City Council logo

RPS was commissioned to collect the 3631 lane kilometers of the Logan CC road Network. The data was collected in 20 days. As a result the council loaded the stats of the laser measures into their pavement management system. This helped them prioritize the sections that need to be rehabilitated and score the overall condition of their entire network.

The resultant data was quite comparable with the data previously collected by other contractors and the customer's network database information was improved due to the use of RPS's innovative techniques in detecting wrongly classified or aligned roads. The data collected will potentially also be used in their crack sealing program.

Network level survey for Wagga Wagga City Council

Wagga Wagga City Council logo

In 2012 RPS was commissioned to scan the 2200km of the Wagga Wagga CC road network in order to produce crack mapping and road condition stats for loading into their PMS. This allowed them to prioritize the roads included in their crack sealing program as well as have a detailed overview of the condition of their network.

Project level case study

Project level case study

This case study covers some of our project level assessments including;

  • Surface analysis
  • Cracking statistics
  • KML output
  • Subsurface analysis
  • Height analysis
  • Roughness KML overlay
  • Rutting KML overlay
  • Surface texture KML overlay
  • Multiple data stream integration
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