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Radar Portal Surveys (RPS) is an innovative new company specialising high speed surface and sub-surface road pavement condition data collection

Since inception in 2006, RPS has developed, manufactured and service provided a range of technology, ranging from novel high speed 3D Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), to high speed laser scanning and imaging technology.

In July 2014 Radar Portal Surveys was established to complete Service Provision to the local market, and to distribute the technology to the international market.

Radar Portal Systems completes Research & Development and manufacturing of new technologies, and licences all existing and future road pavement technologies to Radar Portal Surveys.

RPS had a strong research and development focus, with a number of patented technologies. Our GPR system is world first - nothing else in the world can capture 3D images of the subsurface as fast, while still maintaining good penetration depth. Our optical technology is also second to none, with the Photometric system the only system in the world to produce millimetre resolution surface topography at speeds of over 100km/h. This is all combined into integrated systems that make the jobs of data collection easy, including complete system integration and custom software solutions to make data analysis fast and accurate.

RPS also has a strong customer focus. Our service provision team has a wealth of experience in GPR analysis, surface defect mapping and the generation of the standard road degradation measures, like rutting, roughness and texture depth. We also do detailed project level road pavement assessments including 3D meshing.

If you are looking beyond a company that simply integrates existing technology into products: to a company that can both build and innovate. Then there is no other company like RPS.

Dr. Bryan Reeves

Chief Technology Officer / Director

Dr. Bryan Reeves Chief Technology Officer / Director

As Chief Technology Officer, Bryan manages the Research & Development of new technologies for RPS. Bryan is one of the world's leading experts for Noise-Modulated Ground Penetrating Radar and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Photometric Stereo Imaging, Laser Profiling, and Precision Geolocation Systems.

Bryan was previously one of the founders of GroundProbe Pty Ltd, where he developed the company's slope stability radar imaging technology for the mining sector. He has received awards ranging from IEAust Engineering Excellence and ACARP Research Excellence Awards to the Smart State and Telstra Small Business Awards.

He is currently focused on improving existing RPS technologies, together with bringing several new commercially viable products to market. Bryan is active in securing Joint Venture relationships.


Mob: +61 412 487 221
Ph: +61 07 3376 2453

John Reeves

Business Development Manager / Director

Dr. Bryan Reeves Chief Technology Officer / Director

John has tertiary qualifications in commerce, with working experience over a 40-year period in production and marketing of industrial products. Over this period of time he has held senior management positions with a number of companies. He worked for the Swedish based AB Bofors to establish steel fabrication for earthmoving equipment used within Australian mines. In this role, John had over 10 years of experience in manufacturing management. From this management role, he expanded his skills, moving into marketing and sales as Queensland Sales Manager for the same company.

John's focus is on building solid relationships which will facilitate the domestic and international expansion of RPS.


Mob: +61 424 375 150
Ph: +61 07 3376 2453

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