3D Topography

RPS can create a high resolution 3D surface mesh of the road topography

The RPS system utilises a high precision L1/L2 GPS system in combination with a high precision laser gyroscope and accelerometers to allow tracking of the vehicle's movement along the road. This is then integrated with the laser measurements to produce a high precision 3D topographical map of the road surface.

Network Level

Network level data is normally collected without the use of a reference station for GPS.  Typical outputs include road centerline geometry, road tilt and wheel path height profiles, allowing detection of areas of potential high water pooling and road geometry safety concerns.

Project Level

In addition to the output for network level data forms, a high resolution surface mesh can be generated, which then can be imported into 12D or other road design packages.  Project level data can also utilize reference station data to increase the accuracy of the GPS position estimates.  Mesh densities can be customized, down to a resolution of 6cm x 6cm with a 4 meter scan width.

For project level work, multi-pass data can be combined to produce the full road pavement profile.

3d topography


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